Crafting excellence in woodworking,
one project at a time.

You expect excellence from your woodworking partner. In 1982, we founded our business with the goal of consistently meeting those expectations. Prepared to make your design dreams reality, our team of over 100 dedicated members combines the skill, expertise, and experience necessary to complete even your most demanding projects. All of these qualities combine to help create the ONSITE difference.

“You see it and form an image. It creates a mood, an attitude, a philosophy. You generate an impression. And often, that impression stays with you for a very long time.”


Here at ONSITE, one of our primary goals is daily dialing in the right process —where other woodworking companies usually stick to pristinely finished examples of their work, we like to demonstrate what goes on behind the scenes. Join us in viewing the process of a few of our current projects. See how our client’s...
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If you believe woodworking is a mysterious pastime practiced by kindly, gray-haired men with leather tool aprons and hand-sharpened tools, you are about to discover a whole new world of modern woodworking! Our master craftsmen have perfected the art of combining old-world skill with modern machinery, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Get the inside scoop on...
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Your high-quality woodwork and custom wooden furniture should last well beyond our own lifetimes, especially if properly cleaned and maintained. Are you confused about dusting versus deep cleaning? Are you clear on when to wax or when to polish your wooden fixtures? Our experts take the mystery out of caring for your custom wooden treasures.
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